Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HARD FREEZE TONIGHT - TexasET Network Landscape Watering Recommendations - "CougarCare Central Austin"

As you can probably guess, NO WATERING REQUIRED this week ( for warm season grasses ), with more "wintery mix" of weather in the forecast for the weekend and more HARD FREEZES ( 22 degrees predicted for tonight!) on the horizon, a more urgent need is the 3 P's -

1. protect pipes - cover hose bibs - make sure all covers on valve boxes are in place and secure. If you have an RPZ, drain it or install a insulated pouch. Dekorra is the brand we install, although a moving blanket or some towels can be draped over the backflow in a pinch.

2. Pets - bring them indoors, or small insulated pads should help them if their outdoor shelter is sufficient to block the north winds, google the K&H Tan Self Warming Crate Pad 

3. Plants - probably the hardest thing to do in central Texas - we have 24 randowm freezes last winter and this year will no doubt be the same.  There are several Tyvek material tarp blankets available, the "kleenex" of these is the planket see below link.

Stay warm. Cougar Matt out.

Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension
Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension
Watering recommendation for "CougarCare Central Austin" for the past 7 days:0.12 inches*
DateEToMax TemperatureMin TemperatureMin HumidityTotal Rainfall
NOTE: These reported values are hourly averages, not absolute highs and lows.
*Recommendations based on the following parameters (assuming no rainfall):
Adjust this watering recommendation for any rainfall that you have received during this time period.
An error has been detected in the weather data used to report this recommendation.
TexasET Weather Station :Austin (Morris Williams)
Plant Coefficient :Warm Season
Adjustment factor :Normal
This information is provided by the "Irrigation Technology Program" under the direction of Dr. Guy Fipps. If you would like to discontinue service please click on the link above to log into your TexasET profile. To discontinue service for only this station select "modify" from your site list and delete the site. To discontinue all TexasET emails select "Modify your user profile" and uncheck "Receive watering recommendations by email".
This email was sent to by Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension
Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension 600 John Kimbrough BLVD, Suite 509 7101 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-7101

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