Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy End of Year - TexasET Network Landscape Watering Recommendations - "CougarCare Central Austin"

Happy End of Year - as is "normal" this time of year, no additional watering is required this week.  this time of year, our total rainfall either exceeds or equals the recommended water requirement for most warm season grasses. 

Most all warm season grass are dormant this time of year as the soil temperatures are too low. You can still see some slight "green" areas on some Bermuda and Zoysia grasses this time of year, but they tend to be in protected "warmer" areas like the south side of houses or along the edges of concrete which tend to warm up more during the day. Regarding the "warm edges" along driveways and the greener southern exposure areas that are still green this time of year, these are also the areas that tend to struggle the most in the hot summer months for he same reason, more or too much heat. 

Potted plants or evergreen perennials and bushes can flourish with our cool nights and warm sunny days. I continue to water with my rain barrels select trees and bushes that i am encouraging to grow taller. With the Pecan trees having shed all their leaves,  see 1-2 foot of growth this time of year. Once the Pecans leaf out, most under-story shrubs, stop growing and are well protected from the summer sun and can make it almost a month without supplemental watering.

 Happy New Years and remember to protect fragile plants as the temperatures drop.

Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension
Texas A&M AgriLIFE Extension
Watering recommendation for "CougarCare Central Austin" for the past 7 days:0.18 inches*
DateEToMax TemperatureMin TemperatureMin HumidityTotal Rainfall
NOTE: These reported values are hourly averages, not absolute highs and lows.
*Recommendations based on the following parameters (assuming no rainfall):
Adjust this watering recommendation for any rainfall that you have received during this time period.
TexasET Weather Station :Austin (Morris Williams)
Plant Coefficient :Warm Season
Adjustment factor :Normal
This information is provided by the "Irrigation Technology Program" under the direction of Dr. Guy Fipps. If you would like to discontinue service please click on the link above to log into your TexasET profile. To discontinue service for only this station select "modify" from your site list and delete the site. To discontinue all TexasET emails select "Modify your user profile" and uncheck "Receive watering recommendations by email".
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