Friday, July 18, 2014

Heavy Rain last night 2.5-3.2" in the Highlanhills to Lamar Middle School areas.

Rain came down hard last night. Some of the weather stations in the area mesured 2.5-3.2". Here is a great resource for anyone wanting to track rainfall , etc. There are over 150 personal weather stations on this network.

Another good site is

The only caveat is that these are rainfall totals, versus effective rainfall. Effective rainfall is a lot harder number to calculate since if depends on the rate at which the rain comes down and is absorbed by the soil.

My rainbird ESP-SMT smart controller with tipping bucket calculated 2.62 inches. This bucket is pretty accurate as it measures in 0.01 inches for every tip. The power of onsite realtime measurement that is information is feed back into the controller. I have some super low water plant areas that it is estimating will not need watered till Sept 9th ( for almost 7 weeks) My vegetable garden, on the other hand, will probably water tomorrow or the next day if it starts to warm up and we don't get any more rain in the next few days.

Happy Rain Day.

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