Saturday, March 29, 2014

Austin water - Drought Survival Tools for Your Yard Pilot Program

I am super stoked about this new city of Austin program. We have been preaching the benefits of aeration and top dressing lawns for years as a water conservation and organic approach to building the soil structure and increasing the water holding capacity of our heavy clay soils in Austin. The city and Austin Water are spending enormous amounts of time on education and program development and now with the rebate for aeration, compost, and mulch, they have just stepped it up to another level.

Austin Water and The City of Austin are offering up to $180 in rebates for composting, mulching and aerating yards in preparation for the long, hot summer to come (like we needed to be reminded!) These important techniques ensure that water will be used efficiently and will reduce the need for supplemental irrigation. The weather's nice most days now, so start planning some advance projects to save water and some money. 
Rebates Available
  • Compost – 1.5 cubic yards or 40 cubic feet--rebate $30
  • Mulch – 3 cubic yards or 80 cubic feet--rebate $40
  • Core aeration service for entire front and/or back lawn area (equipment rental is acceptable) --rebate $50
  • The rebate for doing all three --$180 ($60 bonus)

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